Personalised Wedding Registry

Personalised Wedding Registry


Client Requirements:

1) A design similar to the bride and groom's physical guest invitations

2) The ability to have guests RSVP for the event

3) A small catalogue of gift ideas for guests to purchase from including the option to donate to charities

The physical invites were crafted from silk paper and formed into a novella containing details for a wedding.
Based on this I recreated the novella shape, size and colours using paper textures and placed it on a desk like background bringing the invitations into the digital world.

Guests were able to fill in necessary RSVP details including dietary requirements with attendees visible in the backend system for the bride and groom to monitor.

Over a dozen items and charities were chosen with short descriptions including costs and thumbnail images. These items were able to be purchased via credit card or paypal and recorded for future reference.